Travelling Volume 2



1 See Volume One, Chapter Sixty Six for this Sunnah

O Allah (The Exalted) bless our master Muhammad (may Allah bless him and grant him peace), a blessings of contentment, and be pleased with his Companions, a pleasure of contentment.

Few years ago there had been some problem with Pakistani International Airline. Since this the staff at the Airline were given the supplication and the Sunnah way of travelling, which has prevented any further problems. Once a person was travelling in a bus from Rajan to Darya Khazi Khan. When travelling he prayed the supplication of travelling. Whilst travelling he fell asleep, the bus had an accident and toppled over. All the passengers in the bus had been injured except the person who prayed the supplication. He helped all the people out of the bus and took them to the hospital for treatment.

Once some people were travelling near a mountain, unfortunately their car had broken down and the time for opening the fast was approaching near. They had been stranded in a place where no one else could be seen for miles. A Doctor who was with them asked us to recite Surah Yaseen as hunger and fear had frightened them. All the fellow travellers took part in reciting. Only a few minutes had passed when a car pulled up next to them and asked if they needed a lift. He said that he was travelling too but had got lost and ended up here. Everyone praised Allah (The Exalted) for taking them to their destination safely.

When stopping en route at any place one should read:

“A’oodhu Bikalimaa Tillahet Taammaati Min Sharri Maa Khalaq”

‘I seek refuge in the perfect words of Almighty Allah from the evils of which he has created’.

As long as the person who utters these words remains at that place, nothing from (that place) shall cause him harm.

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