A21.1 Jinn are created from fire.

A21.2 Out of these many have been given the strength to change in whatever form they wish. Wicked, evil Jinn are known as Shaytan

A21.3 They are like humans, they are intelligent, and have a soul and a body.

A21.4 They eat, drink, live, die and have children

A21.5 Within them there are infidels, Muslims, Sunni, corrupt-sects and every type.

A21.6 There are more of bad Jinn in quantity as per humans.

A21.7 To say that there is no such thing as Jinn or the Jinn is the bad in you are acts of Kufr/infidelity.

As we cannot see them in this world but they can see us, those Jinn who enter Paradise will not see us and we will be able to see them. There are many other creations of Allah which we can not see and can have bad effect upon us, our families, homes and lives. We must ask Allah to Protect us from them and recite Wazaif daily i.e. Salaah, Qur’an etc. We must recite Surah Yaseen before leaving the house and Ayat al Kursi before leaving and entering the house and before going to sleep. More of the Wazaif can be found in books like Panj Surahs.

Teacher of Jinns

Sayydina Umar reports that one day we were with the Messenger of Allah (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) on a mountain when all of a sudden, an old man with a stick appeared and greeted the Prophet. The Prophet new that the man was in fact a jinn. The jinn whose name was Hama was son of Haym whose father was Laqis who was the son of Iblis. The Messenger of Allah confirmed from him that there were two generations gap between Hama and Iblis. The Messenger of Allah then went on to ask him what was his age? “O Prophet” he said, “I am slightly less older than the earth. I was a few years old when Qabil (Cain) killed Habil (Abel). I used to run between mountains and steal people’s food. I also put bad ideas about others in people’s mind and sowed discontent and distrust amongst people.” The Prophet told him that his actions were wrong. The jinn said he came to seek forgiveness. ‘O Prophet! In the past I met Sayyidina Nuh and spent a year in his company. I sought his forgiveness. Similarly, I have spent time in the company of Sayyidina Hud, Sayyidina Yaqub and Sayyidina Yusuf. I learnt the Torah and sent his Salaam’s to Sayyidina Isa. It was Sayyidina Isa who told me to come to you O Prophet and to offer his Salam. So I am here to convey that message to you and i also request that you teach me some of the words of Allah. The Prophet taught him Surah Mursalat, Naba, Ikhlas and Shams. The Prophet said to Hama that he should come to him if he ever needed him. Sayyidina Umar states further that the Prophet had left this world, and was unsure as to whether Hama was still alive or not.1

Blessed Murderer

A man named Walid used to worship a golden statue. One day his idol began to talk. The idol started to say the ‘Muhammad (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) is not Allah’s Prophet. Don’t ever believe what he says. Walid became very happy at hearing this and began to tell his friends of this occurrence. ‘Today my idol has spoken and says that Muhammad (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) is not a Prophet. The people gathered at his house and to their delight saw the idol state what Walid has told the people. The next say a huge gathering took place at Walid’s house with an invitation to everybody including the Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace). The Prophet did go to Walid’s house. The idol did not disappoint an eager crowd but said the following ‘O people of Makkah! Let it be known now that Muhammad (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) is the Prophet of Allah. Every word he utters is true, his religion is true whereas your actions are false. If you misled people don’t accept what he says prepare yourselves fo the fire. Use your intellect and follow this rightful guide.’ On hearing this Walid with total disgust grabbed hold of the idol and threw it to the ground that shattered into pieces.

The Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) was returning home when he saw a horseman dressed in green. The Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) stopped him and asked him who he was? The being replied that he was a jinn who was a follower of his. The jinn was Maheen bin Abhar who lived on Mount Tur. He told the Prophet that he was away from home for a few days that he returned to see his family crying. I asked what has happened and they then told me that one Kafir jinn entered Walid’s idol and began insulting you. O Prophet I felt extreme anger and i got my sword and went to kill that jinn. I then entered Walid’s idol and began to sing your praise. The Prophet was extremely proud of what Maheen had done and accepted him as one of his ardent servants.2