Spying to secretly pry on another person or other people activities out of curiosity.

The Arabic word for spying is TAJASSUS:

For example:

1.1 A curious neighbour who pretends to be busy on his/her premises but at the same time keeps track of activities and happenings in other houses in his/her street or neighbourhood. 1.2 Opening letters or parcels addressed to someone else. After examining or seeing the contents or information of the letter or parcel but passing on this information to others and causing problems.

1.3 Reading someone else’s diary.

1.4 Eaves dropping – listening to someone behind a door secretly.

1.5 Bugging offices with hidden cameras or tape recorders.

This is all disliked by Allah.

The harmful effects of spying:

1) Allah will be displeased with us.

2) People will lose respect for us.

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3) People will not trust us.

4) We will be branded as snoopy, or rather nosy parker etc.

At all times we must be Allah conscious and refrain from spying on matters that do not concern us. Instead we must try to develop a friendly and helpful personality that will help us in the world and hereafter.

However, information can be obtained and reported in the following cases –

1) If a crime is being planned and you know it will harm people.

2) In war any enemies need to be reported to military.

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