Lesson Three

The funeral Prayer ( Janaza Namaz)

Janaza namaz is a communal obligation (fardh-kifaaya) on those alive. Even if some people perform the janaaza namaz over a deceased person, then everyone else is relieved from the obligation. However, if nobody performs the janaaza prayer of a person who has passed away then all the people of that community will be sinful.

The conditions of the funeral prayer:

1. The deceased to be a Muslim, it is haram to offer a funeral prayer over a non-Muslim.

2. The body to be present.

3. The body to be in front of the congregation.

4. The body to be clean (ghusl is done).

5. The body should not be on a transport or peoples’ shoulders, but should be placed in front of the congregation

There are 2 Fardh in the Janaaza prayer:

1. qayam- standing.

2. the four takbeers.

These are the sunnah Muakidah in the Janaaza prayer:

1. to praise Allah Almighty.

2. to pray Durood Sharif.

3. to pray for the deceased.

The method of praying the Janaaza Namaz

Jamaat is not a condition for this Namaz and if therefore if one person prayed it the Fardh will be fulfilled.

The method of praying the Namaz is first of all to make the intention (I make the intention to pray Namaz for Allah and to perform Dua for this deceased person), After making the Niyyat, lift the hands upto the ears and saying Allahu Akbar, fold hands below the navel.

Then pray Sana;

“Subhanakallah Humma Wabihamdik Watabarakasmuka Wa Ta’ala Jadduka Wa Jalla Thana’uka Wa La illaha Ghairuk”.

Then without lifting the hands say Allahu Akbar and pray the Durood Sharif, it is better to pray the Durood that is prayed in Namaz (Durood-e-lbrahim) and if another Durood is prayed then there is no harm.

Then say Allahu Akbar and pray the following Dua for yourself and for the deceased and for all Muslim men and women:

“Allahummagh Fir Lihayyina Wa Mayyatina Wa Shaahidina Wa Gha’ibina Wa Sagirina Wa Kabirina Wa Zakarina Wa Unthana Allahuma man Ahyaytahu Minna Fa’ahyihi Alal Islam Wa Man Tawaffaytahu Minna Fatawaffahu Alal Imaan.

Then say Allahu Akbar and then perform Salaam.


  • Out of all the four Takbeers of Namaz-e-Janaza, only lift your hands on the first Takbeer and not for the other three. At the fourth Takbeer, without praying anything else perform salaam and release your hands.
  • In the Salaam ensure that the intention is for the deceased, the angels and the present.
  • The Takbeer and Salaam should be prayed by the Imam loudly, and the rest quietly.
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