Qurbani (Sacrifice)

Qurbani (Sacrifice) 


This is wajib for the following:

1. a Muslim male & female.

2. a resident (not wajib for a traveller but if he does so then he will gain the reward).

3. affordability: wajib upon a person who does not receive zakat, so has enough nisab to give zakat.

Time of sacrifice (Qurbani)

1. From the break of dawn of the 10th Dhul-Hijjah to sunset on the 12th of Dhul-Hijjah.

2. It is better to perform the Sacrifice in the morning of the 10th of Dhul-Hijjah.

3. For people residing in city/town centres- sacrifice should be performed after the Eid prayer.

4. For people in villages and rural areas- can perform sacrifice of the animal after dawn.

Which animals can be used for sacrifice?

  • Camel, cow, buffalo, goat, ewe (male or female), sheep, lamb can be used for Qurbani.

The age of the animals

1. The camel should be at least 5 years old.

2. A buffalo must be at least 2 years old.

3. A sheep/goat/lamb must be at least a year old.

Note: If a lamb’s young which is 6 months, looks large like a year old…it can still be used for sacrifice. 

How many animal/s should be sacrificed to fulfill the wajib?

1. Seven people can take an equal part in a cow, camel or buffalo. (So, by sacrificing one out of these 3, 7 parts can be made of the animal and all 7 people can fulfill their wajib).

2. For a sheep, goat, lamb…only 1 person can sacrifice an animal and fulfill their wajib- there is no sharing.

The description of the animal

They should be healthy and free from any visible defects. One-eyed or blind or crippled and lame animals that cannot walk should not be sacrificed. An animal with a defect- such as the majority of the ear/tail is cut…should not be used.

It is preferred that the animal be big and healthy.

Distribution of the meat

It is preferred that the meat be divided into 3 equal parts:

1. 1/3 for the family

2. 1/3 for neighbours/friends

3. 1/3 given as charity to the needy

It is permissible to donate all of the meat and is also permissible to keep all of the meat for one’s own use if one has a big family or the family is needy.

The skin of the animal sacrificed

1. The skin, reins etc should be given as sadaka (charity).

2. But one can make use of the skin if wanting to…to make a prayer mat for example.

3. One cannot sell the skin and keep the money, and also it is not permissible to give the skin to the butcher as a compensation for his labour.

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