Quran Volume 2


What does the Qur’an say about science?

O Allah (The Exalted) bless our lord and master Muhammad (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) with the very best of Your blessings.

The Qur’an was revealed to make us aware of the Creator, affirm that He is known through His creation, direct us to belief and worship, and order individual and social life so that we attain happiness in both worlds. Today, many Muslims pursue science to obtain a better understanding of Him and His creation. Keeping this in mind, consider the following Qur’anic reference to scientific facts:

The path of Allah, to Whom belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth. Do you listen? All affairs return to Allah only. i

Our thinking and research affirms the Creator’s Oneness, as the true nature and inter-relationship of microcosm1 and macrocosm2 are further disclosed and better understood. Scientists seem to be very close to proving this Divine truth. Even now we feel that soon we shall hear and understand creation’s testimonies and praises to Allah, as mentioned in Surah Bani Israel:

1 A world in miniature, something regarded as resembling something else on a very small scale.

2 Opposite of small.

3 The layer of connective tissue surrounding the uterus.

4 The muscular tissue of the uterus.

5 The mucous membrane lining the uterus.

“The seven heavens and earth and whoever is in it speak of His Glory praising Him, yes you understand not their glorification. No doubt, He is Forbearing, forgiving.” ii

He has made you of a single soul then He made its mate from that and sent down for you eight pairs of cattle. He makes you in the wombs of your mothers, first in one pattern then in another, in three fold darkness. This is Allah your Lord, His is the kingdom. None is to be worshipped, besides Him, then where are you turning away? iii

These three veils of darkness are the parametrium3, myometrium4, and the endometrium5, three tissues enveloping three, water-, heat, and light-proof membranes.


And no doubt, there is a lesson for you in the cattle. We give you drink of what is in their bellies from between the dung and blood, milk pure easy to swallow for the drinkers. iv

The Qur’an details this process: food’s partial digestion and absorption, followed by a second process and refinement in the glands. Milk is wholesome and agreeable for people, yet is rejected by the cow’s body and bloodstream as useless.


Sanctified is He who has made all pairs of what the earth grows and of themselves and of those things of which they have no knowledge. v

We know that people, animals, and certain plants have counterparts. But what about the pairs in all things … and of those things of which they have no knowledge? This may refer to a whole range of inanimate and animate entities, subtle forces, and principles of nature. Science confirms that everything occurs in pairs.


Did the infidels not consider that the heavens and earth were closed up, then We opened them out? And We made every living thing from water. Will they then believe? vi

Every living thing was created of water. What is important here is that the universe is a single miracle of 2 www.GardensOfSunnah.co.uk

i Surah Al-Shura; Surah No: 42; Verse: 53

ii Surah Bani Israeel, Surah No: 17, Verse: 44

iii Surah Al-Zumar; Surah No: 39; Verse: 6

iv Surah An-Nahl; Surah No: 16; Verse: 66

v Surah Yaseen; Surah No: 36; Verse: 36

vi Surah Al-Ambia; Surah 21; Verse: 30

creation, not how life came about. Everything in it is an essential part of that miracle, bears signs that prove it, and is interconnected. The verse emphasizes water’s vitality and significance.

This is just a brief description from the Qur’an. There are many things that the Qur’an states which science are proving and will prove as time goes on. However, you must be aware of the many things proven from the Qur’an, but our aim in this book is to concentrate on the Sunnah and science.

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