Method of Fatiha


There are many different methods of performing Fatiha. Fatiha basically is to recite some verses from the Qur’an with Surah Fatiha and send the reward to the deceased. One should send the reward to all the people who came on earth from Adam, upon whom be peace, till now and from now till the Last Day. Include all the Prophets and The Messenger of Allah, upon him be peace, his family, companions, the pious, those who you know, friends etc.

The reward of Salaah and other god actions can be sent to those who are dead as well as alive.

It is in “Hidaaya” that it is permissible for a Muslim to send the Sawaab of his deeds, such a Salaah, Siyam, Hajj, Zakah, Sadaqa, etc. to others.

Anas, Allah be pleased with him, asked the Prophet, upon him peace, “If we send reward to the deceased, give Sadaqa etc and make supplication for them, does this reach them?” He, upon him peace, said: “Verily it reaches them. Read Salaah for them as you read for yourself and fast for them as you fast for yourself. In other words, send the reward of Salaah and Siyam for them.”

Abdullah ibn Abbas, Allah be pleased with him, has stated: “On the Days of Eid, the 10th of Muharram, the first Friday of Rajab, on Shabbe Baraat, and on Thursday nights, the souls of the deceased are left free to go to their homes, wherein they go and ask for Sadaqa. If they do not receive any supplication or Fatiha, then they return to their graves saddened and disappointed and they say, ‘O Allah! They have deprived us, You deprive them'”.

One may recite the Surahs given in this book or the following and make supplication at the end. If one does not know how to make supplication, just make the intention in the heart who you want the reward to go to and Allah will In sha-Allah except it for you. 

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