Mazoor (Disability)

Lesson Eight


(an excused person- who has an illness that prevents him from staying in wudu).

  • A person that cannot pray a full namaz in ‘one namaz period’ – without their wudu breaking due to an illness
  • The rule of a mazoor is that they perform wudu and can pray any namaz within a namaz period, and their wudu will not break due to the illness they have

For example, illnesses like continuous drops of urine, continuous releasing of wind, releasing water from a hurting eye, puss from a wound flowing etc. – these are all illnesses that break the wudu and if a full namaz time goes by and every effort has been made but the illness does not stop, and one cannot become free from it and cannot even do wudu and stay in wudu long enough to pray the fardh namaz, then this person is classed as a Mazoor.

  • Therefore, what one has to do, is to make one wudu for each namaz time and this will suffice, and even if the illness continues during that ‘namaz period’, they can carry on praying namaz/Quran.
  • So for example, as soon as the time for Maghrib comes, a fresh wudu is done and that will suffice till Esha, then when Esha time comes- the mazoor does another fresh wudu that suffices till fajr…and so on. – unless the Mazoor’s wudu breaks with another reason other than his illness, then a fresh wudu will have to be done. So, if a mazoor’s illness is that they continue dropping urine, but they released wind then they’re wudu will break.
  • A person will continue to make wudu and pray in this way, until his illness goes away and if it doesn’t, then one will carry on being classed as mazoor


If the clothes become impure more than a dirham’s size (which is likened to a 50p coin) and one has enough time to clean it and then pray namaz, it is compulsory to do so. However, if one knows that whilst praying namaz the clothes will become impure by the same amount again, then it is not necessary for one to wash it, even if the place where namaz is being prayed also gets impure but ensure to clean it afterwards.

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