Makrooh Tanzihi

Lesson Twelve


One should avoid the following actions, so their rewards are not lessened and their namaz can be more perfect

1. Making tasbeeh in ruku and sujood less than 3 times. However, if time Is less or transport leaving is feared than there is no harm.

2. Performing namaz in work clothes, if they are dirty due to the working environment.

3. Repetition of the same surat in rakaats of namaz (except for nafl prayers).

4. To place the hands on the ground before the knees in sajdah or lifting up the knees from sajdah before the hands- without a valid excuse.

5. To read thanaa, ta’awwuz, tasmiyah or ameen loudly.

6. To pray namaz with a covered forehead.

7. To pray namaz with the head uncovered.

8. To close the eyes whilst praying. However, if by closing them- more concentration is attained in namaz, then there is no harm in doing so, rather it is better.

9. To pray namaz in a place where concentration is diverted to pray namaz in front of a fireplace, there is no problem with having a candle or light in front for means of light.

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