Makrooh Tahrimi

Lesson Eleven


If the following occurs, namaz must be repeated, a person will be sinful if namaz not repeated

1. To deliberately leave any waajib act.

2. To fiddle around with ones clothes or body.

3. To crack ones knuckles.

4. To turn the neck (even if the chest is still towards the Qibla) – if the chest moves direction, namaz breaks.

5. To lay one’s forearms on the ground during the prostration for men (unless there is a valid excuse).

6. Beginning the prayer with a genuine need to relieve oneself or eat (such that it occupies the mind).

7. Intentionally placing hands on hips or waist (posture of arrogance).

8. Praying with sleeves/Trousers rolled up.

9. To pray only in trousers, when possible to cover upper body.

10. Intentionally yawning/stretching (if natural then this is excused).

11. Prostrating with forehead covered (If unable to feel the firmness of the floor, sajdah not counted) (women with niqab is excused).

12. To cover one’s nose or mouth while praying.

13. wiping dust from forehead during the prayer (unless you fear distraction or harm).

14. Holding up one’s clothes or gathering them before going into prostration.

15. Praying with something hanging down from the shoulders/head without actually wearing it (like a shawl draping from the shoulders).

16. to pray in clothes that on which there is a picture of human beings, animals etc. (animate creatures).

17. To pray with animate pictures being present to the right, left, above, behind or on the area where the sajdah is going to be made to pray the Holy Quran in any other action of namaz, besides the qiyaam.

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