Chapter Ten

Words of Kufr in regards to Song Lyrics

Important Note:

There are different words that are used in this text such as ‘Takfeer’ which means it is without any doubt what-so-ever clear Kufr and one will be out of the folds of Islam.

The term ‘is a Kafir,’ ‘will be Kufr,’ ‘are words/statement of Kufr’ and ‘is Kufr’ are similar, however, depending on the (Urf) custom of the time or environment in the community it could have different meaning, hence, the Fatwa of Kufr will not be given. This can only be done by a qualified Mufti.

These statements are real examples of Kufr that have been said by people from the time of the great jurists over 1000 years ago till today and not made up. All the references have been provided from books of these great jurist.

Watching films and dramas, listening to Music is forbidden and leads to hell. Song writers and singers these days are extremely ignorant; they have even dared to criticize the Creator of the Universe. Those of you who play songs in your shops, restaurants, cars, buses, in weddings, those who sing along without even thinking what is being said, stop and think the poison the devil is feeding you through these songs. I mention some statements of Kufr that have been used in songs:

Couplets from songs that result in infidelity

Please note that the fatwa regarding such couplets is that the writer, singer and he who listens to them with pleasure all have committed kufr. 

1. Jaan Dil Mai Kab Se Hai Tu Jab Se Mai Hu Tab Se Hai Tu

Mujh Ko Mere Rab Ki Qasam Yaara! Rab Se Pehle Hai Tu

To believe someone has more priority over Allah is infidelity and to believe someone is more important than Allah is also infidelity.

2. Tujh Ko di Soorat Paree Si Dil Nahi Tujh Ko Diyaa

Milta Khuda To Poochta Yeh Zulm Tu Ne Kyun Kiya?

Allah is free from committing transgression or oppression.

3. Roop Yeh Tera Sayp Ka moti Ya Aasmaan Ki Dhool Hai

Tu Hai Qudrat Ka Karishmah Ya Khuda Ki Bhool Hai

Allah is free from committing mistakes.

4. Dil Mai Tujhe Bithaa Ke Karlu Gi Band Aankhay

Pooja Karu Gi Teri Dil Mai Rahu Gi Teri

No one is worthy of worship besides Allah.

5. Chaaha Hai Tujhe Chaahe Ge

Tujhe Apna Khuda Ham Banaye Ge

There is only one God and that is Allah.

6. Dil Mai Ho Tum Aankho Mai Tum Bolo Tumhe Kese Chaahu?

Pooja Karu Sajdah Karu Bolo Tujhe Kese Chaahu?

Worship is only for Allah and prostration is also only for Allah.

7. Tumhaare Siwa Kuch Na Chahat Kare Ge Keh Jab Tak jiye Ge Mahabbat Kare Ge

Sazaa Rab Jo De Manzoor Hogi Ab Ham Tumhari Ibadat Kare Ge

Worship is only for Allah.

8. Patthar Ke Sanam Tujhe Ham Ne Mahbbat Ka Khuda Jaana

Bari Bhool Huwi Yeh Kya Samjha Yeh Kya Jaana?

There is no God but Allah and idols are nothing but creations of Allah. 

9. Ya Rab Tu Ne Yeh Dil Tora Kis Mowsam Mai?

No one has the right to complain, question or object the decision of Allah.

10. Aik Fursat-e-Gunaah Mili do Chaar Din

Dekhe Hai Ham Ne Hosle Parwardigaar Ke

Mocking, degrading or disrespecting Allah is infidelity.

11. Maang Lu Ga Mai Khuda Se Churaa Lu Ga Tujhe

Tujh Sa Moti Doosra Uske Khazaane Mai Nahi

To believe in the possibility of stealing from Allah necessitates the belief of Allah being powerless. To believe Allah is powerless is infidelity.

12. Bin Tere Khuda Kare Jannat Ataa

Aysi Jannat Ki Gali Ko Na Chor Du?

Being unthankful towards Allah and to not appreciate the gifts and bounties of Allah is infidelity.

13. Har Dukh Ko Gale Lagaa Yaa Har Museebat Mai Saath Nibhaaya

Kya Karu Ta’reef? Fursat Se Rab Ne Inhe Banaayaa

Allah is free from time and rest.

14. Teri Unchi Shaan Hai Mowla,

Mujh Ko Bhi Tu Lift Karaa Ke Banglah Moter Kaar Dilaa De

Kese Kese Ko Diyaa Hai Ayse Wayse Ko Bhi Diya Hai

Ab To Chappar Phaar Mowla Apni Jaybay Jhaar Mowla

Mocking, degrading or disrespecting Allah is infidelity. 

Words of Kufr in regards to Lyrics

Couplets from poetry that result in infidelity

1. Be-Cheniyaa Samayt Kar Saare Jahaan Ki

Jo Kuch Na Ban Para To Mera Dil Banaa Diyaa

To believe Allah is powerless is infidelity.

2. Dunya Banaane Waale Dunya Mai Aake Dekh

Sadme Sahe Jo Maine Tu Bhi Uthaa Ke Dekh

No one has the right to complain, question or object the decision of Allah and being unthankful towards Allah is infidelity.

3. Dunya Banaane Waale Kya Tere Man Mai Samaayi

Tu Ne Kaahe Ko Dunya Banaayi?

No one has the right to complain, question or object the decision of Allah.

4. Ay Khuda In Haseeno Ki Patli Kamar Kyu Banaayi

Tere Paas Mitti Kam Thi Ya Tu Ne Rishwat Khaayi

To believe Allah is powerless is infidelity and to believe the possibility of committing evil for Allah is also infidelity.