Chapter Eleven

Words of Kufr in regards to Dhikr and Tasbeeh

Important Note:

There are different words that are used in this text such as ‘Takfeer’ which means it is without any doubt what-so-ever clear Kufr and one will be out of the folds of Islam.

The term ‘is a Kafir,’ ‘will be Kufr,’ ‘are words/statement of Kufr’ and ‘is Kufr’ are similar, however, depending on the (Urf) custom of the time or environment in the community it could have different meaning, hence, the Fatwa of Kufr will not be given. This can only be done by a qualified Mufti.

These statements are real examples of Kufr that have been said by people from the time of the great jurists over 1000 years ago till today and not made up. All the references have been provided from books of these great jurist.

1. Two people are fighting, one said ‘Lahowla Wala Quwwata Illa Billah’ the other said ‘Lahowl’ is nothing or said what shall I do with ‘Lahowla Wala Quwwata Illa Billah?’ or said ‘Lahowl’ does not compensate hunger or said ‘Lahowl’ does not give the benefit of chapati or said ‘Lahowl’ does not suffice in place of chapati or said there is nothing comes with ‘Lahowl’ or said ‘Lahowl’ is not food in a plate, all these statements are of Kufr. i

2. Many Tasbeehs (for instance Subhanallah, Alhamdu Lillah, Allahu Akbar, Lailaha Illallah) if said as mentioned above, the order is the same, of Kufr. ii

3. Someone said Subhanallah! On that another said, you have taken the skin of the name of Allah (The Exalted), this statement is of Kufr. iii


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4. Some scholars have said to say ‘Bismillah!1 Whilst sitting, standing, eating, as Kufr, hence abstain from this. iv

1 This is when ‘Bismillah’ is used when it is not to be said and when used for everything and anything all the time.

5. To joke about the Dhikr of Allah (The Exalted) is Kufr. v