Lesson Seven

THE USE OF ‘KHUFFS’ (substitute to washing feet in Wudu)



  • Up to and including ankle bones
  • Should be free of holes amounting to three toes in size

Thick and Impermeable:

  • So water cannot seep through


  • So one can walk extensively for 5km (just over 3 miles).

* Ready made can be bought now – designed in this way (They are made from leather or at least the sole is leather, and the rest is made from other thick coated material) *

Conditions of Usage

  • Permissible for resident or traveller.
  • Must be worn in the state of wudu (so already in a pure state- not in need of ghusl).
  • 24 hours for resident.
  •  72 hours for traveller.
  • Time starts from the breaking of wudu, not the wearing of socks (khuffs) after making the wudu. (so for example, if a person makes wudu at 8am and then wears the khuffs, and then at 12pm, he breaks his wudu. His duration therefore begins from 12pm because it is at that time in which he first broke his wudu).

Fardh of Khuffs

1. Wipe top of feet.

2. Wiping an area of 3 fingers wide.

Sunnah of Khuffs

1. Starting from the tips of the toes.

2. Fingers outspread.

3. Stroking/ wiping until the shin…. (Both feet together, right hand-on right foot, left hand- on left foot).

Invalidators of Wiping

1. Anything that invalidates wudu- invalidates the wiping.

2. Taking off most of khuffs (exposing the heel).

3. Time period ending.

Wiping over bandages

1. Should be removed if possible, without worsening the condition.

2. If condition will cause more harm, can be wiped over.

3. Can be left completely, if even wiping would cause hardship and worsening of condition.


  • Cotton socks cannot be used as they are not impermeable or tough enough to last 3 miles of walking – hence do not fulfill the conditions of usage.
  • One in the state of major impurity needs to bathe first and then put the Khuff on in the state of wudu.
  • If khuffs were taken off in the state of Wudu, then to re-wear them, one only needs to wash the feet.

If khuffs were taken off when one was not in the state of wudu, then to re-wear them, one needs to do a complete new wudu.

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