Lesson Fifteen


It is waajib to pray namaz with Jamaat (Congregation)- although some great Scholars have considered praying with Jamaat to be Sunnah Muakidah, they have emphasized that its order is still, extremely close to waajib.

1) The minimum jamaat for prayers has to be of 2 people- so one Imaam and one follower… (but for the Jum’aa prayer the minimum Is 4 people – so one imam and 3 followers).

2) For Friday prayers and Eid prayers, Jamaat is a condition and without Jamaat these prayers cannot be performed.

3) There is 27 times more reward attained when namaz is performed with Jamaat.

4) Bonds of brotherhood are formed in praying together with a congregation.

5) Increased devotion is attained.

6) Praying in Jamaat is one of the signs of Islam and one of the distinguished feature of our faith.

7) There are various Hadith on the emphasis of praying namaz in Jamaat and in the Masjid, and the consequences of missing the Jamaat without a valid Islamic reason

What reasons allow a person to miss the Jamaat in the Masjid?

1. An illness that makes it difficult to go to the masjid.

2. The weather which makes it difficult to travel to the masjid.

3. A person who has an urge to go to the toilet (one must relieve himself first)

4. One is scared of an aggressor.

5. When a person is blind or disabled.

6. An elderly person who doesn’t have the energy to travel to the masjid.

7. One is scared of the security of their possessions.

8. If you are in care of an ill or elderly person, who needs you to be there for them

Note: if a person cannot join the jamaat in the masjid, due to the above reasons. Then one should try and form a congregation at home if possible.

Where does one stand when there is one Imaam and only one follower (muqtadee)?

The follower should stand to the right of the Imaam, just slightly behind him.

What does one do, if more people want to join the jamaat?

1) If more people join, then the person standing to the right of the Imam should move a step back in his namaz.

2) The person wanting to join should tap the person standing right to the imam on the shoulder, (but should consider the possibility that this person may not know what to do).

3) Thereafter all people should stand behind the imam and others that join should stand behind the imam.

Does one have to pray (recite the Quran) behind the Imaam?

When in jamaat following the Imaam, it is makruh Tahrimi to recite the Quran. The Imams recitation of Surah Fatiha and Surats will suffice the person following. Whether this is for the loud or silent prayers (the imam will recite the Quran loudly for the Fajr, Maghrib and Esha prayers…and silently for the Zohr and Asr prayers).

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