Nudity, Immorality and Television

The most glaring evil propagated by the television media of the world is the crime of nudity and sexual immorality. Commercialised nudity and sexual immorality under the camouflage of educational pictures are accepted and necessary features of world television. The Western World is haunted by the obsession of illicit sex, and it is this carnal obsession of illicit sex coupled with the unbelievers’ god of materialism that makes capital of the female body on TV as well as all other mass media.

The Islamic concept of morality and modesty is the direct opposite of the immorality dished out to the world via TV. Islam demands the concealment of the female body. The Messenger of Allah , upon him peace, said, “The woman is an object of concealment.”1

1 Tirmidhi; Mishkat

2 Surah Bani Israel; Surah No: 17; Verse: 32

3 Muslim

TV is an institution, which is widely used to exhibit the female body. Islam has banned all forms of immorality and immodesty, but TV exhibits immodesty and immorality in their crudest forms by depicting the actual sex acts and, above all, it bravely and shamelessly passes these off as educational. Television as a prime agent of immorality is very well borne out by the following report: The Evening Post dated 21st February, 1975, reports:

“In the film Dr. Christopher is seen holding up a contraceptive sheath and explaining its use to a class of boys and girls. Called ‘Sex and the 14 year old’, the film concentrates on advising young people how to avoid pregnancy.” (Ismail, 1996)

The above quoted extract will suffice to indicate the foul mess and mass of unspeakable immorality portrayed by the TV. Leading non-Muslims too have voiced their concern over the evils and filth shown on TV.

Television as an Agent of Adultery

Allah says in the Qur’an:

“And approach not Adultery.”2

The term, ‘come not near,’ means: Stay away from all such things and practices which lead to Adultery – which are stepping-stones to fornication. Islam forbids all practises, things and institutions, which aid and fosters fornication and immodesty. There are different categories of this abominable crime of Adultery. The Messenger, upon him peace, said:

“The Adultery of the eyes is to gaze (at that which is unlawful, e.g. nudity). The Adultery of the ears is to listen (to talks of nudity, which excites the carnal desire). The Adultery of the tongue is to speak (what is evil). The Adultery of the hand is to touch (the female that is unlawful to you). The Adultery of the feet is to walk (towards immorality). The Adultery of the heart is to desire (what is unlawful), and it is the private part which either commits or shuns the actual act of fornication.”3 2

In this Tradition the Messenger of Allah, upon him peace, speaks of the Adultery committed by the various parts of the human body. Thus, to look at the nudity and evil portrayed on the television screen constitutes the Adultery of the eyes as said by the Messenger of Allah:

“The Adultery of the eyes is to look.”

To listen to the immodest and illicit sex talks of the television is Adultery of the ears, as the Messenger of Allah, upon him peace, said:

“The Adultery of the ears is to listen.”

Lust which is aroused by the display, discussion of nudity and perversion on the TV screen constitutes the Adultery of the heart, as Allah’s Messenger, upon him peace, said:

“The Adultery of the heart is to desire.”

Television, therefore, is without any doubt a powerful agent and a stepping stone for fornication. In one Tradition the Messenger of Allah, upon him peace, said;

“Among the signs of the Final Approaching Hour is that the whole family (mother, father and children) will collectively indulge in Adultery.”

This Tradition is a reference to the modern mother of immorality, the TV. We find today the whole family – father, mother, sons, and daughters – sitting huddled together around the TV set viewing the obscenity and the nudity exhibited on the TV screen. Together, in a display of stark shamelessness, the whole family is committing Adultery of the eyes, Adultery of the ears and Adultery of the heart, and Allah knows how many whole hosts of men and women indulge in the final act of fornication as a result of watching and being aroused by the evil on the TV screen. Ponder over the words of the Messenger of Allah, upon him peace.


Islam lays a great emphasis on modesty, so much so, that the Messenger of Allah, upon him peace, said,

“Modesty is a part of Imaan (Faith).”

TV with its emphasis on unlawful, immoral and foul immorality is in denial of the Islamic concept of modesty and shame. Mother, father, and children together viewing the Adultery – the fornication and sin on the TV screen – what is now left of humanity? May Allah, The Exalted, protect us and our children from filth and depravity whatever it may be and in whatever form.

If you really want to know how TV has affected our children, just go to a local college or university and sit in the canteen for just half an hour with a drink observing and you’ll know what I’m talking about. 3

The Female Voice

The female voice, according to Islam, is also included in the category of Satar, i.e. it has to be concealed and not revealed. Since the female voice is Satar it is not permissible for males to listen to women singing or even reciting the Qur’an. Allah, The Exalted, is well aware of the lure for men which exist in the female voice, hence women in Islam are not permitted to raise their voices when speaking; neither are they permitted to recite aloud during Salaah. When necessity demands that they have to speak to males then their speech should not be attractive, gentle and alluring like the deliberate ‘lure’ put in speech. Recognising the danger of attraction in the female voice, the Qur’an commands women thus:

“…Be not polite in your speech least one in whose heart is a disease should feel tempted…”4

4 Surah Al-Ahzab; Surah No: 33; Verse: 32

5 Ehkam-e-Shariat

The indulgence in soft charming speech by women is a cause of raising passionate hopes in the listener, as speech of women is an important source of sexual excitation. Van de Velde in his book ‘Ideal Marriage’, states,

“The tone-colour of a voice and the tone of a single word – and it may be a word of no special meaning or association in itself – may excite incredible intensity of desire. The unique and precious significance that a woman’s voice can give to ‘you’ or ‘thou’ can suffice to overwhelm man’s power of patience and control…”

Shaykh Ahmad Raza writes; Men should say salaam to women. If a strange women (non-Mahram) gives salaam to a man and she is old then reply so that she can hear. If the women is young answer so that she can not hear. The woman should reply silently and if a greeting is passed on through someone the same rule applies.5

Islam has, hence, forbidden its women to speak in a soft or ‘sexually’ sweet tone. If anyone is aware of the springs of sex-psychology you will clearly see the justification for Islam’s restriction in this matter.

Islam commands the concealment of the female voice and prohibits its display in public, but television demands the contrary. Great use is made of the female voice on TV to advertise, to charm, to excite lust, and female singing with the addition of music is most popular. It is categorically forbidden – and it is forbidden without any difference of opinion – to listen to such a voice via tape, CD etc. the listening to which is forbidden in the real state. For example – singing of women even without music, and singing of men with music.

Television portrays voices, many of which are unlawful according to Islam, e.g., the female voice, the male voice singing with music. And this portrayal of unlawful voices and sounds is done in no small measure. The importance of television programmes, which have been challenge by the foul culture of the unbelievers, to spoil the excessive sexual desires of men who have no belief of Allah in them – of men who have no fear of Allah left in them.

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