Ill person's Salaah

Lesson Twenty-Two


1) If a person is ill or disabled and not able to perform their namaz in the normal way, then they should pray how much they can stand and the rest can be prayed sitting.

2) If a person is unable to stand, then the prayer can be done sitting. Ideally a person should sit on the floor and pray sitting and complete a full sajdah on the ground.

3) If a person cannot do a sajdah on the ground but can pray sitting on a chair (so doing sajdah by bowing more than the ruku), then they should do this.

4) If a person cannot pray even sitting in a chair, then one lies down on their back placing a pillow behind the head and stretching the legs towards the Qiblah. (It is better to bend the knees slightly if possible). Then gestures for ruku and sujud are to be done by one’s head. It is also valid to lie on one’s side and face the kiblah and pray in this way as an alternative method.

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