Ghusl (Bathing)

Lesson Three


3 factors that make ghusl (fardh) upon males:

1. Intercourse (with ejaculation).

2. Intercourse (without ejaculation).

3. Ejaculation otherwise, whether after sexual arousal or not, (e.g. wet dream).


  • Ejaculation is the discharge of spermatic fluid with passion/lust.
  • The pre- ejaculatory fluid (madhy), which is a white, thin, sticky fluid that is released by romantic play or kissing with one’s spouse (which is not actual ejaculation), does not necessitate ghusl.
  • Likewise, for (wadi), which is a post- urinal fluid does not necessitate ghusl.

(However, for both madhy and wadi, one needs to clean the area and make wudu again, as it will nullify the wudu).

If any of the above (3 factors that make ghusl fardh upon males) occurs…you have to do ghusl (bathe) in the following way:

Fardh of Ghusl

1. Gargling (washing mouth thoroughly).

2. Rinsing nose (sniffing water to soft bone).

3. Wash the whole body (the entire body once is fardh).

Sunnah of ghusl

1. Recite Bismillah… & Intention.

2. Begin with washing hands.

3. Remove filth if it is on the body (includes private parts).

4. Perform wudu’, like the wudu’ for salah, except for the feet, then

5. Pour water over the rest of the body thrice, clean and rub the body.

6. One is to begin the process of washing by pouring water over the head, followed by the right shoulder, then the left shoulder.

7. Step aside from that place and then wash the feet.

Things that cannot be done when bathing is obligatory upon a person

1. To enter the masjid.

2. To perform Tawaf of the Kabah.

3. Touch the Holy Quran/ or Quranic verses written in other Books.

4. Pray the Holy Quran.

On occasions when Ghusl is Sunnah

1. The Friday Prayer.

2. The Eid Prayers.

3. For the Ihram.

4. At Arafah when the Dhuhr time enters (only sunnah for those performing the Hajj).

Removal of hair under armpits and below the navel.

From the Hadith of the Beloved Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), it is known that it is disliked leaving this till the hair becomes long. It is recommended that this be done weekly, ideally on Friday (before the Friday prayer). It is disliked delaying this to two weeks. It is blameworthy beyond that, and sinful beyond 40 days.

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