A22.1 Every single person’s age is fixed. It cannot increase from its fixed time nor can it decrease. When the time of life is finishing, Sayyidina Izraeel (upon whom be peace) comes to extract the dying person’s soul and the dying person looks to his left and right and sees Angels everywhere.

At this time the veils are lifted and one sees reality. Some fortunate people (Awliya) see the Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace).

A22.2 The angels of mercy come to a Muslim and for the infidels the angels of punishment. At this time even the infidels believe the truth of Islam, but their faith is of no avail. This is because faith is thename of believing the message of Allah (The Exalted) and his beloved Messenger without seeing proof, and at this time one sees the angels and then believes and this is therefore not accepted as a Muslim.

Some Awliya Allah have the veils lifted and see this state in their lives before death. This is one of the reasons their faith is stronger than those who are veiled from reality.

A22.3 A Muslim’s soul is taken out with ease and is then taken with respect by the angels of mercy. An infidel’s soul is taken out with great pain and the angels of punishment take it with disgrace.

The soul of those who love the Prophet and his family are taken by them, angles do not interfere because the person spent their life in their remembrance now they will remember you.

A22.4 After death the soul does not go into another body and is then reborn, but upto the Day of Judgement stays in the world of barzakh meaning the interval between death and resurrection

Some Awliya have access to the world of Barzakh and see what state people are in who have passed away. The Awliya can change the states of these people whilst in this world.

Dead body’s screams

Once some people came in presence of the Ghous-e-Azam Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani and requested, Your Highness! There are sounds of screams of a dead person coming out of a grave in the graveyard of “Bab-ul-Azj”. Please bestow some mercy on the unfortunate so that his punishment is removed

Ghous-e-Azam Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani asked, “Did he receive the saintly dress of caliphate from me?” The people replied we don’t know. He asked, “Did he ever attend my congregation?” People showed ignorance. He asked, “Did he ever eat my food?” people again showed ignorance. He asked, “Did he ever perform prayers behind me?” people gave the same answer.

Ghous-e-Azam Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani lowered his blessed gaze, signs of anger and prestige were seen on his blessed face. After sometime he said, “The angles just told me that he had visited you and he had a firm belief in you, therefore Allah bestowed mercy upon him.”

Alhamdulillah! The sounds from the grave had stopped. (Bahjaa-tul-Asraar)

A22.5 To believe that the soul goes into another human body or an animal’s body or into trees or plants etc. and is known as reincarnation is incorrect and is Kufr.

A23.0 What is death?

A23.1 When the soul comes out of the body, this is known as death. However, the soul does not disintegrate but remains in the world of barzakh.

It is as if taking batteries out of a electrical appliance. The soul is the main thing which will be judged

A24.0 Where does the soul remain after death?

A24.1 According to faith and deeds performed, a different place is fixed for the soul to remain. Until the day of resurrection it stays in that place

A24.2 Some stay underneath the ‘Arsh (above the skies), some remain at Aala ‘Eliyyeen (the highest point), some remain at the well of Zam Zam, some remain in their grave.

Depending upon the degree and status of a person’s soul that where it will stay

A24.3 The souls of infidels are imprisoned. Some are imprisoned in the well of Barhoot, some in Sajeen (the lowest point in Earth), some at their place of cremation or burial.

We need to work hard to elevate ourselves (soul) in this world so that we get a good ending and a good place in the hereafter.

A25.0 Does the soul die?

A25.1 In any situation the soul does not die or disintegrate but remains unchanged. Whatever its position and whatever its state is, it always remains connected to the body.

A25.2 If the body has pain it also feels the pain. If the body is relaxed, the soul is also relaxed.

For instance if a person’s house was broken into and found clothes everywhere and the house was in a mess, although nothing happened physically but your soul will feel the pain as the house and clothes had a connection with you.

A25.3 When someone visits the grave, it sees the person and recognizes them and listens to what they are saying. In relation to the Muslim’s soul it is stated in the Hadith that when a Muslim die, it’s path is opened and it can go wherever it pleases.

A25.4 Shah ‘Abdul Aziz writes that there is no such thing as near and far for a soul, but all places are equal.

The scholars say that the soul of a Muslim when dies is like a bird freed from its cage.

A26.0 The death of a soul and it’s condition

A26.1 Those who believe that the soul can die and disintegrate are from a deviated sect.

A26.2 The dead also speaks. Its voice is heard by animals etc. except for normal humans and Jinn.

The Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) stood at the well of Badr (which contained the corpses of the pagans) and said, “Have you found true what your Lord promised you?” Then he (may Allah bless him and grant him) further said, “They now hear what I say.” This was mentioned before Sayyida Aisha and she said, “But the Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) said, ‘Now they know very well that what I used to tell them was the Truth.’ – Then she recited:

For you do not make the dead hear nor make the deaf hear the call when they flee, turning back. (The disbelievers are referred to as dead and deaf.)1

The Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) looked at the people of the well (the well in which the bodies of the pagans killed in the Battle of Badr were thrown) and said, “Have you found true what your Lord promised you?” Somebody said to him, “You are addressing dead people.” He (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) replied, “You do not hear better than they but they cannot reply.”2

“And not equal are the living and the dead! Indeed Allah causes them to listen *, whomever He wills; and you cannot make those who are in the graves.”3 ** listen. (* Listen to guidance **The disbelievers are referred to as dead, whose fates are sealed.)

A27.0 The tightening of the grave

A27.1 After burial, the grave tightens up and presses the dead. It presses the Muslim like a mother holds a child. It presses the infidel to the extent of crushing them, like the left side bones end up on the right side.

A27.2 When the people leave after burial, the dead hears the footsteps. This is for everyone, if the dead can hear when buried 6 foot under with soil on top, can the beloved of Allah (The Exalted) not hear whilst above the grave?

A28.0 What are Munkar Nakkeer like and what do they ask?

A28.1 At that time two angels called Munkar and Nakeer come ripping through the earth, their faces look very fearful and scary. Their body is black, eyes green and black and very large in size popping out like the Jinn’s eyes and made of fire. Their hair is very scary and long from head to toe, their teeth are very long with which they rip through the earth.

A28.2 They wake up the dead shaking and shocking them. They ask with great strength with a deep voice these three questions;

  1. “MAN RABBUKA” meaning ‘Who is your lord’?
  2. “MAA DEENUKA” meaning ‘what is your religion’?
  3. “MAA KUNTA TAQUL FEE HADHAR RAJUL” meaning ‘What did you used to say about this person’?

A28.3 If the dead is a Muslim he will reply as follows;

  1. “RABBIYALLAH” my Lord is Allah (The Exalted),
  2. “DEENIL ISLAM” my religion is Islam,

This is Allah’s Messenger, He has been embraced with Allah (The Exalted’s) mercy, greeting to Him.

A28.4 Now a voice from the skies will be heard saying “My servant has said the truth, lay the tablecloth of paradise for him, give him clothes from paradise to wear and open the doors of paradise (Jannah) for him.”

A28.5 The cool air and the sweet fragrance of Jannah will continue to come and wherever the eyesight can reach the grave will be made wide and large.

A28.6 Angels will say “sleep like a groom sleeps”. All this will be for the good pious Muslims.

A28.7 For the sinful, there will be punishment according to their sins. This punishment will continue for a time then from the prayers of the pious or from ‘Isal-e-Sawaab’ (good acts performed by people for the dead’s forgiveness) or from prayers for their forgiveness or simply from the mercy of Allah (The Exalted) this punishment will stop. Then there will be relaxation.

A28.8 If the dead is an infidel/Kafir, then he will not be able to answer the questions and will say “HAA HAA LADRI” meaning ‘Shame for I know nothing’. Now a caller will shout “He is a liar, lay the table cloth of fire for him, and give him clothes of fire to wear and open the doors of hell (Dozakh) for him, from which the heat of hell will reach him.

A28.9 There will be two angels allocated to him to give him punishment and will hit him with great big hammers.

A28.10 He will also be bitten by big scorpions and snakes.

A28.11 All different kinds of punishment will continue until the day of resurrection.

A29.0 Who will not be asked questions in the grave

A29.1 The Prophets will not be asked questions in the graves nor will their graves tighten.

A29.2 Many followers will also not be asked the questions, like those Muslims who die on Friday or in the month of Ramadan.

A29.3 The situation of relaxation and punishment in the grave is a fact

A29.4 This punishment or reward is for both the body and the soul. Whether the body disintegrates or burns or mixes in the soil, its original parts remains until the day of resurrection.

A29.5 It will have reward or punishment and on the Day of Judgement it will be reformed back to a body. These original parts are actually situated in the spine and cannot be seen by humans nor are they eaten by the soil and nor can they be burned. These are the seeds of the body and from these Allah (The Exalted) joins the rest of the parts of the body, which have been spread by either being turned into ashes or soil and are reformed into the original body.

A29.6 The soul then comes back into that body and is presented in the field of resurrection. This day is known as Hashr. This also re-iterates the point that the souls go back to the same body that they belong to and by burning the body or by the body disintegrating it does not disappear but is recreated from it’s original seeds, and therefore a whole new replacement body is not created but the original is recreated, and all the changes does not affect it. For example, when a child is born and then a person grows up becomes a teenager and then becomes a man, but after all these changes the person is the same, a new person does not appear. The person knows that ten years ago it was me and it is still me, all these changes haven’t made a new person and every person understands this about themselves and about others.

A29.7 Where a person has buried or has been left to rot, the questions will be asked there, and the punishment will occur there. If a tiger has eaten a person, the questions will be asked inside the tiger’s stomach, and the punishment and reward will also happen there.

A29.8 A person who rejects the fact of the punishment and reward of the grave is a misguided person.

A30.0 Who’s body cannot be eaten by the soil

A30.1 Rule: Prophets, Walis (friends of Allah), Martyrs, A Hafiz of the Qur’an who also acts upon the instructions of the Holy Qur’an, a person who has never committed a sin and those who pray the Salawat/Durood at all times, their bodies are not eaten by the soil.

A30.2 Those who say that the Prophet’s bodies “have died and eaten by the soil” are misguided, from the corrupt sect, evil and an insulting person.