The Muslims have become very weak because we have accepted the Western culture and left the Islamic civilisation. We spend too much time in front of the T.V. and in the company of those who do not believe in Allah, (The Exalted), and have no love for the Prophet, (may Allah bless him and grant him peace). We need to increase our faith and hold onto the Qur’an and Sunnah as it is there for our guidance and protection.

Men and women need to know the laws of marriage and both partners need to know the rights of each other and respect each other for a successful marriage. This is a very important element of Islam, and remember that we will be in very deep water tomorrow if we don’t reflect upon, and concern ourselves with this matter today. We must bring up our children in a proper manner. We should realise that this is a serious and dangerous game that our enemies are engaged in, and that their aim is to weaken Islam.

Nowadays, the real war is not waged with swords and guns, no; it has become a war of behaviour and culture on a physical and intellectual level between Islam and its enemies. These enemies are engaged in a war of propaganda, alleging that Islam oppresses women, that there is no equality in Islam, and that ladies have no importance and are worthless in Islam. In every way possible the enemies are making a concerted effort to diminish the true status which status Islam gives to women. With our own eyes we can see these cries of ‘Freedom for Women’ that are chanted everywhere. The Non-believers want the women of Islam to be like their own women who have no shame, and to make widespread immorality the norm1. They long for Muslim women to lose their dignity and to roam the market places, working in office environments and wherever they want, so that they lose their scene of direction in life and ignore the reality of themselves. This noisy campaign of theirs is all about destroying Islamic responsibilities and the values of marriage. This is the message that they are promoting in the media. ‘Oppression is weighing down on Muslim women’ they say, ‘so change it by giving them freedom!’ ‘Islam has oppressed women so much, but now women should come out and work alongside the men’. The sad fact is that this ideology has penetrated even the hearts of many members of our own communities.

1 News on the BBC web site: A teenager who fled the Taleban regime has made history by being the first Muslim to represent England in the Miss World beauty contest in China. Hammasa Kohistani, 18, had been third favourite but Misses Iceland, Mexico and Puerto Rico were voted top three. Islamic extremists had sent her death threats for taking part in the competition, watched by two billion. Miss Kohistani, who was born in Uzbekistan, fled Afghanistan with her parents in 1996. Saturday, 10 December 2005

Once again allow me to draw attention to the fact that we should not be duped to the West’s moving slogans about “freedom”, “democracy” and “human rights”, allowing them to obscure the painful reality which is a far cry from the meanings conveyed by such expressions, and on the basis of which the West deals with the weak and oppressed peoples of the world.

The rules that have been laid down in the Islamic law are not only to protect the individual, but to protect the close family as well as the society at large. Islam is a part of a large community and teaches respect for individuals.

Another answer to such questions mentioned in previous chapters is that the rule is this and it’s simple, that you can not mix two religions together on any questions (i.e. Islam and Christianity etc.) nor can you mix a religion and a culture (i.e. Islam and the west).

The lawgiver knows what is best for the servants; and if he says that men are better than woman then be that way, who are we to question? However, that is not the case.

The differences that the west argues are not based on masculine or feminine but on the fact of responsibilities assigned by the law giver. The law of Islam was not made for the west but for all mankind to abide by and not to be compared where ever in the world Islamic law is used it is nothing but benefit. Let us take at what is said and what is done in the West;

Major fights Legion’s women bani

A retired Army major says her local British Legion club is “outdated” in banning women on weekdays.

British Legion member, Catherine Brown from Barrowford, tried to become a member of the Keighley Road club in Colne, Lancs after she retired in 2003. 2

i www., Friday, 13 May, 2005

ii Surah Kafiroon, Surah No: 108: Verses: 1-6

The former major in the Queen Alexandra Royal Army Nursing Corps was told she could join but was not allowed to use the club between Monday and Friday.

The Royal British Legion Club in Colne told the BBC it had nothing to say.

Mrs Brown, a mother-of-two who is now working as a practice nurse for a GP after 16 years in the army, said she decided to raise the issue again following the recent VE Day celebrations.

Access denied

“I was told because of my gender I could not access the club on a Monday to Friday which I found quite astounding in the 21st century,” she said.

“Working as a woman in the army where equality is a big issue – women serve alongside men in any area of conflict around the world yet here I am at a local British Legion club being denied access because of my gender.”

She said she felt let down by the Legion especially as she had spent 16 years caring for soldiers.

“I do not understand the reason behind this as the military are very big on equality,” she said.

She said her husband was shocked by the rule and could not believe that he could be a full member while his wife, who also served in the services, cannot.

Make up your own mind, where are the rights of women gone know?


The West need to look at their own doorsteps before pointing fingers at others. There are many examples where women have been banned from even darts team because of their gender. The fact of the matter is that when people want to cover their own faults they point the fingers at others.

One should not point fingers until one has a complete understanding of the issue i.e. Islam and the religion.

Whether people say that this is not correct and this is not fair, the only answer is that these are the commands of our Creator and His beloved Messenger, (may Allah bless him and grant him peace).

Allah, The Exalted, states: “Say, O infidels! I will not worship that you worship. And nor will you worship what I worship. And I shall not worship what you worshipped. And nor you shall worship what I worship. For you, your religion, and for me my religion.”ii

May Allah (The Exalted guide us all in the straight Path, Ameen.

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