Bathing the Body


Lesson One

Bathing the body

The shahadah should be recited in the deceased presence and this should carry on until after the burial.

When the person dies, his jaws should be closed and fastened, and his eyes should be shut. The one closing his eyes should say:

In the name of Allah, and on the way of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alaihi wasallam. O Allah make his affair smooth for him; ease for him that which is to follow; make him blessed by his meeting You; and make that which he has gone off to, better than that which he has left.

1. Next his nakedness (awra) should be covered.

2. The rest of his clothes are then removed, and he is given wudu except for the rinsing of the mouth and nose. fulfill the sunnah with water and, if possible, lotus-tree leaves (sidr) or the like, otherwise warm water suffices. Before the ghusl, however, his beard and hair are washed with mallow leaves (khitmi) or (any type of) soap.

3. Next, when actually performing the ghusl, the body is washed from its right side first, followed by the left (thus comprising the two washes).

4. He is then made to sit up, and his abdomen is gently wiped (to remove any of its contents).

5. Thereafter, pure water is poured over his body (for the third and final wash of the ghusl).

6. The body is then dried with a cloth. His hair should not be combed, and his nails should not be trimmed.

7. The funeral shrouds should be perfumed with incense an odd number of times and then wrapped around the body. A mixture of fragrant substances (hanuut) is placed on his hair and beard, and camphor on his feet, knees, hands, forehead, and nose– the limbs upon which he would prostrate, so as to honor them.

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