A Muslim’s attitude should be to please Allah (The Exalted) at all times.

The word Attitude means the way a person thinks acts or feels about someone or something.

A person with the correct attitude is one who says and does things to please Allah (The Exalted) whereas a person with an incorrect attitude says and does things as they please even if it displeases Allah (The Exalted).

During the Pre-Islamic period the people of Arabia used to do many wrong things, e.g. Wine drinking, gambling and burying their daughters alive. Our beloved Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) preached to them about Islam and the correct way of life. He told the people about the things that Allah (The Exalted) disapproves of and why He has made wine drinking, gambling, cheating and other wrong deeds unlawful (haram).

Thereafter, when the people of Arabia became Muslims, they stopped these evil or wrong deeds. They changed their way of life by having a correct and positive attitude which in turn made them very successful in earning the pleasure of Allah (The Exalted).

Therefore, it is important for us to do what is Right and not just what we feel or what we think is Right i.e. We must follow the Commands of Allah (The Exalted) and the Teachings of our beloved Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace), and not do things to show people and to satisfy our worldly desires.

Remember, there is only one attitude for Muslims, which is to please Allah (The Exalted). 2

When a person does things to please himself or others and does not worry whether it pleases Allah (The Exalted) or not, then this is the incorrect (wrong) attitude.

But when a person is conscious of Allah (The Exalted) at all times and every action is performed just for the pleasure of Allah (The Exalted) then this is the correct attitude.

We learn is Surah Al-Fath, Surah 48, Verse 29:

Muhammad (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) is the Noble Messenger of Allah; and his companions are stern with the disbelievers and merciful among themselves – you will see them bowing and falling in prostration, seeking Allah’s munificence and His pleasure; their signs are on their faces, from the effects of prostrations; this trait of theirs is mentioned in the Taurat; and their trait is mentioned in the Injeel; like a cultivation that sprouted its shoot, then strengthened it, then thickened and then stood firm upon its stem, pleasing the farmer – in order to enrage the disbelievers with them; Allah has promised forgiveness and a great reward to those among them who have faith and do good deeds. 3

The Correct Attitude The Incorrect Attitude 1. To read Salaah sincerely, 1.1 To read Salaah just to show people correctly and on time. 1.2 To read Salaah quickly when you are alone. 1.3 Not to read Salaah at all. 2. Not to eat or drink even if no on is watching, 2.1 To pretend that you are fasting only in when fasting. front of people, but in their absence to eat and drink. 2.2 Backbiting, swearing, etc. Wheather you are fasting or not. 3. To give charity only to gain Allah’s pleasure. 3. To give charity for name, fame and show. 4. To respect elders and to have love and 4. To disrespect elders and to be impatient & kindness for the young ones. unkind to the young ones. 5.1 To be honest and sincere in whatever 5.1 To work sincerly only when seniors are work we do. watching over us. 5.2 Not to take bribes. 5.2 To accept bribes (to do any favours or work if there is some sort of benefit for oneself). 6.1 To be punctual, regular and to be absent only 6.1 To have a ‘don’t care attitude’ towards valid reason. school and madrasah, (attend only when you feel like). 6.2 To pay attention in class and not to cheat 6.2 To stay absent without a valid reason, (to be during tests/exams. well and say that you are sick) 6.3 Not to pay attention in class. 6.4 To cheat during test/exams. 7. To be particular about eating halal food 7. To buy and eat food items from just and avoiding haram foods at all times. anywhere, wheather the food is halal or not. 8. To respect and care for all Allah’s creation, 8. To have no interest in school and madrasa e.g. Animals, birds, plants, etc. work, e.g. Not to work hard enough to achieve good results and to attend madrasah only to please your parents rather than to gain knowledge and please Allah. 4

9. To show genuine interest in your school and 9. To have no interest in school madrasah work by being attentive in class, and madrasa work, e.g. Not presenting homework and projects on time, to work hard enough to achieve preparing for tests and exams. good results and to attend madrasah only to please your parents rather then to gain knowledge and please Allah. 10. To accept advice/suggestions from 10. To ignore or disregard people, e.g. From perfect teahcer, principal, the advice of senior people mother, father, supervisor, elders. Etc and to think that you “know it all.” 11. To learn about Islam and to apply it in your daily11. To show no interest in lives. To act upon the teaching of our beloved learning about Islam or to Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace). improve oneself to become a good or better Muslim. 12. To care about your property as well as the 12. Littering or damaging Property of others, e.g. In the madrasah, house, public and private property, school, public places (park) etc. having a don’t care attitude for things not belonging to you.

Examples of correct/incorrect attitude

Before Hijra:

Some of the people of Makkah refused to listen to what our beloved Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) was preaching. They became angry with him. They did not like the idea that Islam was spreading so fast. They decided to bribe our beloved Prophet (may 5

Allah bless him and grant him peace) by telling him that they would make him their King if he would stop preaching about Islam. Wealth and fame did not influence and affect our beloved Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) because whatever he did. It was solely (only) to please Allah (The Exalted). Therefore, Allah (The Exalted) advised him to leave Makkah and to go to Madinah, so that he could be away from the Kuffars (non-believers).

No matter what hardships our beloved Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) went through he kept his faith and trust in Allah (The Exalted) and had the “correct attitude”. Allah (The Exalted) helped him and gave him victory.

The battle of Badr

The Muslims were only 313 in number as compared to the 1000 non-Muslims. Before the war, our beloved Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) prayed to Allah (The Exalted) for help. The Muslims were brave and had complete trust and faith in Allah (The Exalted). They were prepared to die for the sake of Allah (The Exalted). The Muslims fought courageously and with the help of Allah (The Exalted) finally won the battle because of their “correct/positive attitude.”

The battle of Uhud

The Makkans prepared a strong army of 3000 soldiers and went to Mount Uhud to fight with the Muslims. The Muslims were again small in number. They had only 700 soldiers.

Our beloved Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) placed most of his soldiers in front of Mount Uhud. He also placed 50 archers at the mountain passes with instruction not to leave them unguarded as the enemy could enter from behind and thus attack them. 6

However, during the battle, the Muslims were winning so most of the archers left their positions and ran down to collect the goods that the Makkans had left behind. The Makkans saw the empty pass, and re-entered and overpowered the Muslims.

Due to the incorrect attitude of the archers who disobeyed our beloved Prophet’s (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) instructions the Muslims suffered a great loss. They regretted their actions and begged Allah (The Exalted) for forgiveness which was the “correct attitude.”

Moral: Those who do not please Allah (The Exalted) and those who do not follow our beloved Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) are the losers.

Remember: A person with the Correct Attitude will be honest, sincere, punctual, just and fair, patient, respectful, forgiving and will have good behaviour and a good relationship with everybody.

Whilst a person with the incorrect attitude will be a hypocrite, will backbite, curse and mock other people and be jealous, envious and full of pride.

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