“A dishonest person has no faith” [Hadith}


Honesty means not to speak a lie, cheat or steal in whatever we say or do. To be honest is a good deed and action.


Allah first made Sayyidina Adam. He then made Sayyida Hawwa. Allah gave them Jannah and told them not to go near a certain tree nor eat a fruit from the tree. Sayyidina Adam and Sayyida Hawwa were very happy in Jannah. This made IBLIS, the shaytaan very, very jealous. He tried many times to make them go near “that tree” but failed. One day he lied to Sayyidina Adam and Sayyida Hawwa by telling them they ate the fruit from that tree they would become like angles and live forever. They believed Iblis and ate the fruit from the tree. Allah became unhappy with them and took them out of Jannah and put them on earth. Sayyidina Adam and Sayyida Hawwa asked Allah to forgive them and he forgave them. In the same way, Iblis will try to make us do wrong deeds. But, bear in mind that Allah is watching us all the time. He knows everything that we think, do or say. When we obey Allah, He will be pleased with us.

When we disobey Allah, Iblis (Shaytaan) is pleased with us and Allah is displeased (unhappy) with us. We must try to be honest in everything that we do. We must be honest at home, school, madrasah, at work or when were with other people. Even a little lie or a small act of stealing or cheating is being dishonest. Remember! One lie leads to telling many lies.


A pupil sometimes cheats in examinations or tests by copying another pupil’s answers or by hiding a book under the desks. If he is not caught me may get high marks and will steal the first position from another pupil who had worked hard to come out first. Like a thief, he hopes to get something for nothing. This is wrong and is bad behaviour.

Allah tells us in the Qur’aan in Surah Taubah, Surah 9 Verse 119

“O! You who believe! Fear Allah and be with those (in the company of) who are true (in words and action)

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