A beneficial book on commonly spoken words of Kufr and their rulings



Imaan Ki Hifaazat


(Safeguarding of Faith)



By Mufti Muhammad Qaasim Qadri


Translation with notes by

Muhammad ‘Abd al-Mannan



 Translator’s Preface

In today’s environment we tend to live in a joking culture, were we mess around with each other making us headless at times of what we say and do. In our day to day lives we may say something or do something that could take us out of Islam (Allah forbid). No one is exempt, to the extent that even learnt people or even scholars fall in this trap, then what will the position of the general public be?

It is a must for every Muslim to learn about those things that could take a person out of Islam without realising so we can abstain from them and worn others too. We must after reading this book pass on to others make them aware by whatever means possible in order to safeguard our Imaan.

I have heard from people that others say or believe in things about the Prophet, have been written in Islamic books, scholars saying things, etc. that can throw them out of Islam and even have been written in well read books that degrades the Prophet.

Disrespect of anything to do with Allah and the Prophet or any part of Islam at times are on shown TV, Films, Songs, Dramas, comedies etc. and if people do agree with these it can throw them out of Islam. The references in this book are from sources written over 1000 years ago, books of Fatwas written by the greatest jurist to walk on this earth.

We live in such a time were many people are not concerned about their Imaan. They promote the saying, ‘Live, and let live’ meaning everything is okay. This attitude in it self is dangerous and means of loosing one’s Imaan.

The examples in this book are used or have been used by people in their daily lives, so it is a must to study them and abstain from them. Many of us get evil thoughts that can be dangerous to out Imaan, the book In sha-Allah deals with this too.

The first part of the book has been translated and changed. The reason for this is that the original Urdu book went into a lot technical definitions that may make it difficult for the reader and are left for the scholars. However, I have tried to keep this section as similar as possible and giving examples that are easy to understand. I thought that this is a must book for all Muslims who are and are not worried about safeguarding their Imaan, Insha-Allah, this book will give the reader the concern of safeguarding their Imaan.

The first section at the beginning of each chapter has been added on to the book as I thought it was important for the reader to understand the beliefs of the Ahle Sunnah. This has been taken from the eminent Hanafi fiqh book Bahare Shariat by Allama Mufti Amjad ‘Ali who is also known as Sadar Al-Sharaih (leader in Shariah).

Each section has been placed in chapters and the references have been placed at the end of the book due to the translators footnotes.


If a person had some precious things such as diamonds or a large amount of money, valuables etc. one would not leave it anywhere unsafe for thieves but protect it with their lives if need be. If we look in modern society we always want protection and security. Our valuables mean a lot to us, many even take out insurance for life, house, car, health, travel etc.

The most vital article for a Muslim is Imaan (faith) and it is the acceptance of Imaan that associates a person to Islam. When one submits to Islam it pleases Allah (The Exalted) and the Messenger of Allah (may Allah bless him and grant him peace). Imaan is the very thing that decides a person’s fate after the day of judgement. It is the responsibility of every believer to protect their Imaan. People in this era are very headless of words and actions, also not possessing knowledge or wanting to learn about Islam and living around people who have no religion can throw one out of the folds of Islam without even realising.

In this era it is a must for every Muslim to have at least the knowledge which a person can safeguard one’s Imaan. People have become so busy and headless that one does not know the basics of Islam and are very much so indulged in the everyday world of films, dramas, entertainment, songs etc. which is a major cause of loosing one’s Imaan displeasing Allah (The Exalted), Allah forbid!

‘Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) said, “If Allah (The Exalted) is going to put everyone except one person in Paradise I will hope that one person will be me and if Allah (The Exalted) is going to put only one person in hell I will fear that one person might be me.” (Ittihafus-Saaddatil Muttaqeen. Vol: 11. p. 425. Calls of the River. p. 9-10)
We must not despair of the mercy of Allah (The Exalted) and at the same time not become fearless of His wrath.

How unfortunate that our hearts become immersed in sin, even though we know that death will certainly confront us. It might even come today and we might be placed in the dark grave. Today, if the lights fail, we become fearful and afraid because of the dark, yet, we seem to display no fear for the frightful darkness of the grave. Sayyidina ‘Umar (may Allah be pleased wit)h him) was guaranteed paradise while in this world, still used to tremble and shiver with the fear of Allah (The Exalted). Once during this time of extreme fear for Allah (The Exalted), he picked up a blade of grass and said, “If only I was this blade of grass.” At times he used to say, “If only I had not been born or if only my mother had not given birth to me.” (Ihyaul-Uloom. Book 4. p. 156. The Shocks of deceased. p. 5-6.)

In this book I have tried to mention those words/actions that throw a person out of the folds of Islam and songs that are sung without realising. Remember to die without Imaan brings the displeasure of Allah (The Exalted) and the Messenger of Allah (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) and destined to the hell fire forever. Such a person will not be forgiven nor will be entitled to the intercession of the Messenger of Allah (may Allah bless him and grant him peace). May Allah (The Exalted) for the sake of His beloved Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) give us the ability to be concerned and protect our Imaan and make our final resting destination in the blessed city of Madinah! Aameen!