Lesson Five


  • Some actions are Fardh (compulsory)- without performing these the namaz will not count
  • Some actions are wajib (necessary)- 1. To deliberately miss these is sinful and namaz will have to be repeated. 2. if missed by mistake- Sajdah Sahw has to be performed at the end
  • some are sunnah mu’akidah (emphasised sunnah), to miss them is disliked and to make a habit of missing is sinful
  • so are mustahab (recommended)- to perform these will increase one in reward, to miss them will not be disliked or a sin.


There are 7 Fardh (obligatory acts) in namaz, if any of these is not done- the namaaz will not count, they are as follows:

  1. TAKBEER-E-TAHREEMA- To say Allahu Akbar loud enough when starting namaz that you can hear it youself
  2. QAYAAM- To stand upright in namaz for the duration of the fardh Qiraat
  3. QIRAAT- To pray at least one verse of the Quran
  4. RUKU- To bow down so you can hold the knees
  5. SUJOOD- To ensure the forehead is firmly pressed on the floor, at least one toe of each foot to be flat so that its base is touching the ground and facing towards the Qibla
  6. QAIDAH-E-AKHIRA- To sit in the last rakah, until the time it takes to complete the whole of tasha’hud
  7. KHUROOJ-E- BE’SUNOO’I- To perform an action after Qaidah-eakhira (the last sitting) that would finish the namaz, i.e. performing salaam
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