Lesson Three


Three types of Wudu: Fardh / Wajib / Sunnah

Fardh (compulsory)

  1. For Salah itself
  2. Prostration of recital
  3. Prostration of thanks
  4. Directly touching the holy Quran,
  5. Touching a Quranic verse (In different books)

Wajib (Necessary)

  • Tawaf of the Holy Ka’bah



  1. Before going to sleep
  2. Before having obligatory bath
  3. Fresh wudhu when one resumes worship (although in wudhu)

Four Fardh of Wudu

  1. Washing one’s face entirely
  2. Washing one’s arms, including and above elbows
  3. wiping ¼ of the head
  4. washing one’s feet, including and above ankles

Sunnah of Wudu

  1. Making the intention
  2. To say Bismillah at the beginning
  3. Washing both hands to the wrist thrice
  4. Using miswaak
  5. Rinsing the mouth thrice using the right hand
  6. Cleaning the nostrils (reaching soft bone) thrice with the left hand
  7. Combing of the beard with fingers if the beard is thick
  8. Combing of the fingers and toes
  9. To wash the parts of wudhu thrice
  10. Continuity of washing all the parts
  11. Wiping of the whole head
  12. Wiping the two ears
  13. Maintaining the order of Wudu
  14. To begin from the right side
  15. To rub with hand and ensure that every part has been thoroughly washed

Whilst doing Wudu

1.       Say Bismillah when washing each part

2.       Masah (wipe) at the back of neck

3.       Facing Qibla

4.       To sit on a raised platform

5.       Avoid splashing

6.       Making Dhikr

7.       Washing without help

8.       Dua after wudhu

9.       drinking water left over of wudu

1.       Using too little water

2.       To speak without need

3.       To seek help without need

4.       to spit out water or Mucus towards Qibla

5.       to waste water

6.       to throw water on the face

7.       to let wudu water drops from body parts fall onto clothing or in the masjid

8.       to miss any of the sunnah


What breaks the Wudu?

  1. Anything emerging from the private parts (excretion/ urine/ passing wind)
  2. Flowing filth from anywhere else (blood/ pus/ seeping wound, includes seeping from a hurting eye and if ones saliva is overwhelmed by blood).
  3. Vomiting a mouthful
  4. Emergence The pre-ejaculatory fluid (madhy), and the post- urinal fluid (wadi)
  5. Sleep, when a person is lying down, reclining, or leaning on something such that if it was removed he would fall over because of it (i.e, the buttocks would be elevated that state of unawareness, so the ablution will break. (if a person was sleeping whilst sitting, and the buttocks were firmly pressed, even if he swayed side to side in the sleep, it will not break the wudu).
  6. Loss of consciousness/ Intellect- due to madness or intoxication
  7. Laughing aloud in the prayer (except the Janaaza (funeral) prayer)
  8. If the man rubs his erect male organ on the organ of the female (his spouse) without a cover. (This is regards to only rubbing, if he penetrates meaning intercourse, then this will require the ghusl).

Method of Performing the Wudu


  1. Make the intention of performing wudu.
  2. recite the dua for wudu.
  3. Washing both hands to the wrist thrice.
  4. Rinse/gargle the mouth thrice by filling water and putting in the mouth, using the right hand.
  5. Clean the nostrils (reaching soft bone) by inserting water and snif it into the nose with the right hand and then clean with the left hand (thumb and small finger) – clean thrice.
  6. Take water in both palms of hands and wash the face entirely (Wash the face, from ear to ear, and forehead to below the chin making sure that no part of the face is left dry- Repeat 3 times).
  7. Combing of the beard (khilal) with fingers if the beard is thick.
  8. Wash the arms, including and above the elbows (Use the left hand to wash the right hand- Repeat 3 times. Then use the right hand to wash the left hand – Repeat 3 times).
  9. Combing (khilal) between the fingers of the hands.
  10. wipe ¼ of the head (leaving the thumb and index finger of each handwipe the top of the head till the back with the remaining three fingers of each hand-then bring the hand back wipe the side of the head- then use the index fingers of both hands to clean and wipe the inside of the earsthen use the thumb to wipe the back of the ears.
  11. Use the back of the hands to do the Masah, (wipe) the back of the neck.
  12. Wash the feet, including and above ankles- also comb (do khilal) between the toes to ensure water reaches between them.
  13. Ensure to make an effort to complete the Sunnah and Mustahabs whilst performing the Wudu


  • Avoid baseless thoughts (following doubts is not precaution)
  • Initial assumption is where certainty lies, so certainty is not lifted by doubt
  • E.g. so if you’re sure you were in wudhu and unsure as to whether you broke it, you’re still in wudhu.
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