Lesson Six


Tayammum is a substitute and can only be used when there is a valid Shari’ ‘Excuse’.

3 Fardh of Tayammum

  1. Intention – in the heart is compulsory and it is also better to say (I am performing tayammum of wudu/bathing, to purify myself for worship- due to not being able to perform wudu/bath with water).
  2. Striking ground/usable substances with one’s hand and wiping the face.
  3. striking ground/ usable substances with one’s hand and wiping arms.

6 Sunnahs of Tayammum

  1. Starting with Tasmiyyah (Bismillah).
  2. Following sequence.
  3. Move hands to and from the soil / usable substance.
  4. To shake one’s hands after striking the ground / usable substance to remove excess dust or soil on the hands.
  5. To have fingers apart, when striking the soil.

Objects of Tayammum

·         stones

·         soil

·         sand

·         slate

·         lime

·         sulphate

·         jasper

·         brimstone

·         emerald etc

all the above natural objects of Tayammum do not need any dust to be on them

·         Grass – and anything ‘burnable’

·         Metals- and anything ‘meltable’

·         Tarmac/painted walls – and anything ‘man made’

If enough dust has gathered on the surfaces of the above or any nonuseable object/ substances – that a handprint can be made on them– the dust itself can be used for Tayammum


Invalidators of Tayammum

  1. Anything that invalidates Wudu.
  2. If the initial excuse no longer applies:


  • So, if done because there was no water, and now water is availableTayammum is invalidated.
  • If done because of illness and now illness has gone, tayammum is invalidated


  • If in one tayammum the intention of both a bath and ablution is made, then this is enough as the tayammum for both will be accepted.
  • The tayammum of a bath and ablution is done in the same way It is necessary that whatever material is used for tayammum is clean, and free from impurities.
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