Lesson Four










FILTH (NAJAASAT) is something that is considered impure by the sharia’

Actual Impurity (Haqeeqi Najaasat) may be heavy or light and relates to the:

  • Body
  • Clothes
  • Place of prayer (the parts of the body that touch the place of prayer).
EXAMPLES ·         Human waste: excretion/urine (including baby’s)

·         flowing blood/pus

·         blood from childbirth/menstruation

·         Wine

·         Excretion of animals that can be eaten

·         Waste (excretion, urine & saliva) of animals that cannot be eaten (that are predatory like fox or wolf)

·         meat of a dead animal

·         a mouthful vomit

·         Semen

·         Madhy (pre-sexual fluid) & Wadi (white drops following urination)

·         droppings of Halal birds that ‘do not fly high’ -like Ducks or swan

·         Urine of animals that can be eaten (also horses)

·         dropp ings of haram birds (such as falcon, hawk and eagle)

AMOUNT EXCUSED Less than A dirham’s size (which is likened to a 50p coin), or weight:

·         Less than 5cm diameter for liquid – 50p rule

·         Less than 5g weight for solid

Less than ¼ of garment (part)/body (part):

·         E.g. a trouser leg, sleeve, collar


Amount excused:

  • Less than the amounts stated above are excused. But it is better and rewarding to follow the sunnah and remove it totally.
  • If namaz is prayed with the excused amount, it will count, but will be against the sunnah, so it is better to repeat.


  1. If there are various drops of Impurity Ghaliza, the ruling will apply after determining what it would be like when collated together. The same ruling will applies to Impurity Khafifa.
  2. If Impurity Ghaliza mixes with Impurity Khafifa, then all of it becomes Ghaliza.
  3. Droppings of Halal birds ‘that fly high’ are pure- e.g. pigeons


Examples of Halal and Haram animals

Cow Pig
Buffalo Tiger
Ram Wolf
Goat Elephant
Camel Cheetah


  • All skins of animals can be purified after tanning (except pig skin), Including animals not slaughtered in a Halal manner
  • If an animal whether halal or Haram is slaughtered by saying bismillah then its meat and skin is clean (the Haram meat will remain Haram to eat, but its skin/meat are ‘clean’ in terms of Purity of (Ghaliza/Khafifa).
  • Skins can be used to pray on as mats etc… or other usages after they have been made pure.
  • Anything through which blood does not flow is pure, e.g. hair, feathers, claws etc.
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